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ChengYing ESPTiger Mousepad (Pre-Order)

ChengYing ESPTiger Mousepad (Pre-Order)

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Note: This is a Pre-Order and cannot be cancelled, please check all details and be sure about the purchase before checking out.

ETA : Fulfillment begins Mid-June.

This is a Resin Hard Pad

• Material: Photolithographic resin
• Bottom adhesive: PU
• Thickness: 3mm
• Sizes: 480mmx400mm, 400mmx320mm
• Curling: Not curlable

Note: When using the ChengYing mouse pad, do not use glass or ceramic hard mouse skates. It is recommended to use high-purity PTFE material skates for a more stable gliding experience.

The surface of ChengYing is made of photolithographic resin material, with a uniform and rich texture. It is highly durable in compared to traditional cloth mouse pads, with a longer lifespan and unaffected by humanity. It provides stable performance in different usage environments.

The middle layer of polyurethane cotton allows for a certain degree of sinking and can reduce some of the noise generated when lifting and placing the mouse on traditional resin pads. The edges of ChengYing are finely processed with oil edge sealing technology, providing a comfortable wrist and arm feel.

Unlike traditional resin pads, ChengYing is made using a 5-layer process. The surface layer is a photolithographic resin layer that can accurately recognize different types of mouse sensors. The second layer is a high-fidelity pattern printing layer. The third layer is a high-elastic polyurethane foam layer that provides sinking cushioning and reduces noise when lifting and placing the mouse. The fourth layer is PVC, which provides support for the mouse pad. The bottom layer is made of hexagonal PU material, which provides good anti-slip performance.

ChengYing is a speed-type pad, with minimal friction and static friction on the surface. In competitive games like APEX and Overwatch, where time to kill (TTK) is relatively long and target movement is large, ChengYing requires less force and has less glide resistance for quick mouse movements, resulting in faster mouse startup and less fatigue during long-term use. The dotted surface will maintain a consistent feel and allow for easy speed control during wrist adjustments.

Edge Sealing
The edges of ChengYing are finely processed with oil edge sealing technology, providing a comfortable wrist and arm feel, as well as a neat visual appearance to ensure aesthetics.

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