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[Extras] GMK Black Snail

[Extras] GMK Black Snail

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Designed by Geonworks.





- GMK L9

- Extra - GMK CR 70% translucent (almost opaque)


- Base Kit (123 pcs)

- Alpha Kit (68 pcs)

- Numpad Kit (26 pcs)

- Spacebar Kit (10 pcs)

- Novelties (14 pcs)

- Artisan (Alu)

- Deskmat Size: 900 x 360 x 4 mm

Disclaimer for Artisans:

Our artisan keycaps are manufactured with meticulous attention to detail to ensure the highest standards of quality. We are committed to providing you with an exceptional product experience. Please be aware of the following information regarding the appearance of our anodized aluminum surfaces:

Flawless Appearance: The top anodized aluminum surfaces are designed to be free from visible scratches or discoloration, offering a consistent appearance.

Anodization Hook Marks: The anodization process is employed to enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of the product. It's important to note that within the stem area of the product, slight hook marks may be present as a result of the anodization process. These marks are inherent to the manufacturing technique and are not indicative of a product defect, and do not compromise the product's overall quality or functionality.

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