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[Group-Buy] TKD Cycle8

[Group-Buy] TKD Cycle8

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Designed by Lolo.

This is a Group Buy [GB] Product and cannot be cancelled, please check all details before placing an order.

Group Buy period: July 12th to 31st.

Fulfillment Estimate Period: Q4 2024.

Note: This is a limited GB with Neo Macro only having 50 units available for purchase, so get your orders in fast!

Rakka PCB includes:

  • Gateron Hall Effect Switches

  • Hall effect PCB

  • FR4 Plate for better stability

  • Plate mount stabilizers

Add-ons available here: Cycle8 Add-Ons

Cycle8 is the second kit designed by TKD (Trace Kit Designs), after the great success of their Cycle7 project. It carries similar design elements and philosophy from their previous project, but with an even higher level of finishing and craftsmanship.

It features the same revolutionary ball-catch mechanism for easy assembly and disassembly. However, to achieve a frame proportion more suitable for TKL and improve assembly stability, TKD have produced smaller-sized ball-catch components in-house using CNC machining.

The Cycle8 comes with a dual mounting system - Gasket Beans, and Gasket O-Rings

Plate Options:





The cases are produced using CNC machining from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy. It combines anodization and electrostatic adsorption coating (TKDcoating) surface treatment.

Internal Weight Cover options:

Anodized Aluminium (~135g)

Brushed Stainless Steel (~390g)

Brass (~425g)

Internal Weight Add-On Options: Cannot be used with a Tri-Mode PCB (wireless)

Steel (~300g)

Brass (~340g)


Main Weight (~348g)

Brushed + Polished SS

Brushed + Polished-Mirror PVD SS, From left to right: brushed + mirror (PVD black) / brushed + mirror (PVD gunmetal) / brushed + mirror (PVD gold).

PCB and Layouts:

Single-mode offers the option of Soldered PCB and Hotswap PCB.
The single-mode is developed using the official QMK library, supporting VIA/VIAL.

Cycle8's tri-mode will support VIA, no longer appearing in standalone driver mode, which means it has a more stable driver program. It is equipped with two 2200mAh batteries and has implemented the functions of combination keys and soft switch switching modes. There will be enhanced optimization of device compatibility in Bluetooth mode.



RAKKA Hall Effect:

Cycle8's HE solution is provided by Rakka, featuring hardware and software developed in-house by Rakka, specifically tailored for the Cycle8 kit. It boasts strong performance, ensuring low latency while maintaining consistency between theoretical and physical performance metrics.

Key features include:
  • 8000Hz polling rate
  • Adjustable actuation distance from 0.1 to 4.00 (true physical travel with no dead zones)
  • High resolution up to 0.05mm (adjustable in 0.05mm increments)

The kit includes (main kit, no additional optional purchases)

  • Keyboard Kit x1 set
  • Keyboard bag x1
  • Plate x1
  • PCB x1
  • PCB Stabilizer x1 set
  • Gasket beans x1 set
  • Foam Kit (plate foam, PE foam, case foam) x1 set
  • Feet x1 set

- This is a barebone kit and does not include keycaps or switches.
- The product images are all captured from real keyboards. Due to variations in lighting conditions, environment setup and screen calibration, visual variations are to be expected.
- There is no separate slot for internal weights, if you select a Tri-Mode PCB, then the weights cannot be used alongside the batteries.

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