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KeyKobo Izakaya Keycaps [In-Stock]

KeyKobo Izakaya Keycaps [In-Stock]

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KeyKobo Izakaya draws inspiration from the vibrant and cozy atmosphere of traditional Japanese izakayas. This unique keycap design captures the essence of dimly lit lanterns, wooden interiors, and the delicious array of food and drinks found in these establishments. The color palette combines deep, rich shades of dark wood, soft amber, and a strong red, evoking the warm and welcoming ambiance of an izakaya.

  • Double-shot ABS
  • Manufactured by Key Kobo
  • Designed and Collaborated with KEI
  • Cherry Profile
  • MX Compatible

Available in the following Kitting:

  • Base
  • Novelties
  • Numpad
  • Spacebar Kit

Manufactured by Key Kobo in collaboration with KEI.

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