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KeyKobo Jindo Keycap Set (Pre-Order)

KeyKobo Jindo Keycap Set (Pre-Order)

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Note: This is a Pre-Order and cannot be cancelled, please check all details and be sure about the purchase before checking out.

ETA : Fulfillment begins 1st week of June.

Material: ABS material
Production Method: Doubleshot, Tripleshot(Shine through), UV Printed(Side legend)
Profile: Cherry profile
Colors: GMK stock colors
L9 (Alpha)
U9 (Modifier),
CR (Legends),
P3 (Red), N7 (Green), V4 (Blue), CV (Yellow)
MG1 (Magenta), TU2 (Mint)
WS1 (White on Black/Black on White)

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