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QingSui Ya Shen ESPTiger Mousepad (PRE-ORDER)

QingSui Ya Shen ESPTiger Mousepad (PRE-ORDER)

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Note: This is a Pre-Order and cannot be cancelled, please check all details and be sure about the purchase before checking out.

ETA : Fulfillment begins Mid-June.

QingSui - Ya Sheng is a control pad that is more suitable for short TTK games like CS2 and Valorant. In fast-paced matches where victory is determined quickly, players need to move their mouse quickly and stop it abruptly to locate their target position.

Style Options

QingSui - Ya Sheng is adorned with the pattern of "victory money," symbolizing victory and success. It comes in two color options: black and red.

Product Information

QingSui - Ya Sheng has a high-density flat woven fiber surface, which feels comfortable and smooth. The base material is flat and free from wave patterns.

QingSui - Ya Sheng has a smoothness level between "Tang Dao X" and "QingSui 3PRO." It has a lower friction on the XY axis, providing a more linear friction force for the initial acceleration and sliding speed.

Product Specifications

Fabric: Flat woven fiber
Base Material: Natural rubber
Thickness: 6mm
Size: 480mmx400mm
Curling: Non-reversible

QingSui - Ya Sheng has an upgraded middle layer in the mouse pad. In testing, the upgraded middle layer slightly sinks when subjected to pushing, while also providing a quick rebound, resulting in better control.

Base Material

QingSui - Ya Sheng uses a brand-new natural rubber base material and odorless bonding technique.

Edge Treatment

The edge treatment of QingSui - Ya Sheng reduces the step effect when low sensitivity players drag their mouse to the edge of the pad. The delicate edge treatment also enhances the comfort of the wrist and arm.

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