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VGN VXE R1 Series

VGN VXE R1 Series

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Sensor model PAW 3395SE* (Same specs as PAW 3335)
Sensor Optical
Chip BK VGN Customized
Weight 51g
Dimensions 120.6 x 64 x 37.8mm
Battery 250 maH (35 hours)
Switch type Huano 20 Mil
Scroll Wheel Kailh GE Upgraded
DPI 18000 dpi
Max acceleration 40 G
Colour Black / White
IPS 400
Polling Rate 125 - 2000 Hz (1k supported out of the box, 2k Hz requires 2k dongle)
Connection 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth, Wired Type-C

*Please note PAW3395SE is not the same as PAW3395. It has the same specs as PAW3335.

R1 Pro Max

Sensor model PAW 3395
Sensor Optical
Chip Nordic 52840
Weight 54g
Dimensions 120.6 x 64 x 37.8mm
Battery 500 maH (150 hours)
Switch type Kailh Sword 100 mil
Scroll Wheel TTC Silver
DPI 26000 dpi
Max acceleration 50 G
Colour Black / White
IPS 650
Polling Rate 125 - 4000 Hz (1k supported out of the box, 2k-4k Hz requires 4k dongle)
Connection 2.4Ghz, Wired Type-C
Warranty 1 Year on manufacturing defects
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